Dude!  We can bring back heresy trials!

One of the massive quarry of stumbling blocks from The Episcopal Church (TEC)‘s last few decades was the decision to avoid a heresy trial for heretical Bishop James Pike.

...the house [of Bishops] deplored the notion of a heresy trial as a “throwback to centuries when the law sought to repress and penalize unacceptable opinions.”


Father Lee Sissel new to Trinity Anglican Church - Monmouth Daily Review Atlas

Father Lee Sissel new to Trinity Anglican ChurchMonmouth Daily Review Atlas"The Anglican Church removed the things they thought the Catholic Church got wrong, and kept everything else. It was sort of like a half-reformation. It is Evangelical in theology and Catholic in practice," Sissel said.


Schori Departs: And There Was Great Rejoicing

News that I suspect a lot of Anglicans and Episcopalians will greet with relief: the worst-dressed cleric of all time is riding off into the sunset. From the Episcopal News Service:

To all the people of God in The Episcopal Church:


Statement from the Presiding Bishop announcing she will not seek a second term

The following message is from Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori:


No second term for Jefferts Schori

The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori will not stand for re-election as Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.


(National Affairs) Peter Augustine Lawler+Richard Reinsch—Freedom and the Human Person

Everyone knows that success in the marketplace requires skills and habits that are usually acquired through good schools, strong families, active citizenship, and even solicitous and judgmental churches. Those relational institutions, however, are threatened, in different ways, by the unmediated effects of both the market and big, impersonal government. We also know that most people find that worthy lives are shaped by both love and work, and that the flourishing of love and work are interdependent.


(Frst Things) Wesley Smith—Standing Against the Human “Dignity Deniers”

God may not be dead, but considering the imago Dei in philosophical discourse and public policy certainly is. Not only that, but the rational reasons for acknowledging the exceptional dignity of humans are wrongly denigrated as merely reflecting our religious past in which rigid moralism supposedly trumped reason.


Zeke Emanuel Wants You To Die At 75

When Ezekiel Emanuel popped onto the national stage during the Obamacare deliberations, some of us had serious misgivings.