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Anglican Church of Canada has Companion Relationships with African Anglicans

The Anglican Church of Canada is attempting to quell rumours of division and dissent within the Anglican Communion through something it calls Companion Relationships.
Contrary to what the Primate of the ACoC would like us to believe, though, when convincing African and Western Anglican bishops to merely sit in the same room and discuss anything other than their disagreements is viewed as a triumph of reconciliation, all it does is drive home just how broken the Anglican Communion really is.
Needless to say, it was the ACoC and TEC that did the breaking.


Diocese of Niagara developing 8 story condo building in cathedral parking lot

The synod of the Diocese of Niagara has granted approval for the development which, in spite of bearing a passing resemblance to soviet era flats, will by no means be low cost housing. Here is a conceptual rendering:


Intercession Episcopal to host Jo Manthe Concert - Stevenspointjournal

Intercession Episcopal to host Jo Manthe ConcertStevenspointjournalSTEVENS POINT – Aaron Scharmer will present an evening of original piano compositions for the Jo Manthe Memorial Concert at 7:30 p.m. on Friday at the Church of the Intercession, 1417 Church St.


Province of South East Asia will not ordain women, new bishop says

The Church of the Province of South East has no plans to ordain women to the priesthood and is firmly opposed to the innovation of same-sex marriage, the new Bishop of Sabah in North Borneo said.


New Guinea archbishop urges govt to abolish death penalty

Death penalty not an effective deterent says Archbishop Clyde Igara


(Time) Susanna Schrobsdorff—For survivors of the teenage years, graduation is anything but ordinary

Come graduation day, I know I won’t be the only parent with invisible armor who worried that a diploma might be knocked out of reach or rendered irrelevant by bigger issues. There is an epidemic of depression and anxiety in our schools–and I suspect we’re only documenting a fraction of the problem. So while there will be tall young women, cool and confident in their caps and gowns, some will have spent eight weeks at grueling wilderness camps foraging for food because they stopped eating at home.